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eps concrete sandwich panel production line

The whole production line includes the following main parts:
1. Foaming system
1.1 eps pre-expander
It is used for expanding the eps material. If there is recycled eps, it can also be used.
1.2 foaming machine
This is used to make foams which can be mixed with cement to lower its weight. However, for this kind of wall panels, it is adoptable because eps is used to make the

panels lightweight, cement foaming doesnt make a big difference.
2. Feeding system
2.1 screw conveyor
Screw conveyor is used to feed the cement and fly ash (if you have).
2.2 sand conveying system
There are many different choices for this. You may choose to use the sand conveying belt. This is the most cost-saving way. Bucket lifter is another way to convey the

sand. You may also choose to use batching machine and lifting machine for it.
3. Automatic weighing system
3.1. weighing system for cement, fly ash and eps
3.2 conveying and weighing system for water and additive
4. Working platform
4.1 main station 5000x5000x3300mm (LxWxH)
4.2 platforming for filling materials (2 sets) 3000x1000x2400mm (LxWxH)
5. Mixing system
Our mixer is specially designed for this kind of wall panel production line. Its capacity is 3m3 per cycle. It can mix all the materials well enough to make high-

quality wall panels.
6. Panel moulding machine
Our panel molding machine has special design which other manufacturers dont have. It doesnt need pulling machine and can move on the rails automatically. It has

vehicle batteries, easy to control, safe to use and save electricity.
7. Rails and rail-transfer system
8. Control System
The control system is used to control the feeding, weighing and mixing of the materials.
9.Accessories for the whole production line

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