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prefab house

Our technology of prefab houses is very mature. The galvanized steel for the structure has good function of anti-corrosion, and is very durable.

The property of anti-seismic of the prefab houses is much better than traditional structure of brick & concrete. Because the self-weight of the steel structure is very light, the weight per square meter is only 1/4 of same size brick & concrete structure, the treatment of basement is much easier and suits most geological conditions. Besides, the steel structure can avoid the damage of white ants which wooden structures often have to bear.

 All the parts of the structure was manufactured in the factory, so the precision degree of the steel structure is very high. The structural system of one villa is made of ten thousands of components, the average tolerance is less than 0.5mm which can ensure the quality of the houses. This is what the traditional construction way can’t reach.


 The wall panels are eps concrete sandwich wall panels or precast hollow core wall panels according to requirement. This kind of panels has good property of fire-resistant, heat and sound insulation.


1.     Stable structure

2.       Low-cost

3.       Fire-resistant

4.       Heat and sound insulation

5.       The span of steel houses is wider than concrete structures.

6.       Save time

7.       Anti-seismic

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