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EPS machine

There are two kinds of EPS machines according to the way of cooling:

1. air-cooling eps machine

2. eps machine with vacuum

The difference between these two kinds of machines is that the speed of EPS machine with vacuum is faster.

Introduction to EPS machine:

The machine is welded by high-quality profile steel with age heating treatment which can bring a high strength, non-deformation and high resistance to the expansive force from high-density products.

  The machine is controlled by LC full computer touch screen displayer which can realize a full automatic cycle operation of mould opening, mould closing, material feeding, heating, heat preserving, vacuum cooling, de-molding and extruding-out of finished products.

  The surface of the mould is made of special aluminum alloy panel which can realize a high efficiency of heat conduction, favorable tensile strength and long service life.

  The machine is integrated with overseas advanced and special penetrating and heating techniques for shaping, and a high pressure suction fan for material feeding, cooling with a strong penetrability, low consumption of steam, high speed of shaping and low water content so as to ensure the uniformity of inside and outside of the product.

 There are two kinds of block moulding machine:air-cooling block moulding machine and block moulding machine with vacuum.

  Specs of air-cooking block moulding machine:

 Mould Size  5080x1240x1030mm
 Block size  2000-8000mmx1200mmx1000mm(LengthxWidthxHeight)
 Density range  4.5-30kg/m3

 10kg/m3: about 9 blocks/hour

 15kg/m3: about 9 blocks/hour

 20kg/m3: about 5 blocks/hour

 steam pressure  0.6-0.8mpa
 steam consumption  10-15kg/m3
 steam inlet DN  100mm
 compressed air inlet DN  40mm
 compressed air consumption  1.8-2.2m3/cycle
 Electricity  380V
 Frenquency  50HZ
 power consumption  25KW
 Weight  12000KG
 Size  66000x2150x2950mm

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