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precast hollow core wall panel machine

Features of precast hollow core wall panel machine:

This kind of machine is made on the basis of our five-year of production of panels. It is not only easy to use, high efficiency, high quality, but also low-cost.

1. High capacity
This new-style stainless steel machine can make 14 pieces of panels.
2. Lower the cost of production
2.1 We use stainless steel for the mould instead of traditional steel. Steel mould machines need brushing de-molding agent or the panels cant be taken out. Stainless steel machines dont need de-molding agent, this can save both labor and material cost for manufacturers. It can save around 0.1 USD per square meter.
3. The product quality is better.
Panels made by this kind of machine have better quality than other kinds. The panel will not be deformed. Its surface is smoother than others.
4. Specific design for the grooves. It can solve the problems during installation.
5. The male and female groove can be made at one time. It is very easy to use.
6. Specific design for the side mould.
The side mould is fixed onto the machine on one side, but it doesn’t influence the hydraulic mould opening and closing.
6. The machine can be fixed or movable according to the buyer’s requirement.

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