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Reduce: Reduce the use of water and electricity, reduce industrial garbage.
Reuse: Most of the parts can be used again in other projects
Recycle: The building materials can be recycled after they finish their function
Low-carbon emission: Energy-saving and environment-friendly

1. Reliable: 90 years construction safety guarantee. Anti force 12 typhoon, Earthquake proof, which can meet the requirement for M9 earthquake resistance protection.
2. Low-carbon emission
During the process of material production, construction, and during the whole lifespan of the use of building, this kind of building can reduce the use of fossil energy, increase efficiency and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.
3. Energy-saving and environment-friendly:
Save energy:
It can save energy up to 65-90%
Save water: The use of water is only 10% of conventional building
Save material: 90% of the construction material can be reused.
Save land: The usable floor area can increase about 10% compared to the conventional buildings.
Protect the environment: This is a recycled, non-pollution construction system.
Factory production: Reduce the use of fossil energy. Its parts are made in the factory and has high accuracy. It is easy to assemble the parts on the construction site.
Save time: It takes only 45 days to finish a 200 square meter building. It takes only 3 months to finish a 10,000 square meter building. It can save up to 60% labor hour.
4. Healthy and comfortable
This kind of building is heat insulation,well ventilated and moistureproof. It can offer more than 100 m3 of fresh air per hour which ensures a high comfort level of living.

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